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When it comes to bikes and motorsports, the mini quad ATV has become a hit with kids who love getting down with the dirt. It’s much like a race-car style but the only difference is they’re riding four-wheeler bikes with engines. This is much like the Chinese go-cart; however, the bikes are raised to a level that it looks more like a motorbike than a cart.

The mini quad ATV has a lot to offer in terms of style and durability. It has a 110 cc, single cylinder engine and has an air-cooling transmission. These babies don’t pollute the air so they’re very much environment-friendly. The maximum power of the mini quad ATV runs up to 6 by 8000 km routes per minute, and fuel consumption ranges up to 367 gallons per kilowatt hour. It has an electrical start up mode and a brake distance of seven meters per 30 kilometers. The mini quad ATV has four gears all in all which includes a reverse gear. When this motorbike hits the dusty road, its top speed can be about 55 kilometers per hour. Notice how these kids‘ mini ATVs don’t just get broken even in rough conditions. They are tough on the road as well as on the open field. Many enjoy riding these kids‘ mini ATVs because of the resistance it has to detestable conditions on the road.

Kids mini ATVs that are available in the market today come in red, yellow, blue, green and black. All over the world, and mostly in the US and UK, kids are becoming involved in training activities which involve riding mini quad bikes. Other styles of the mini quad ATV’s include hummers, hunters, and alpine renegade ATV’s. Along with these styles come safety and controls features. Mini quad bikes usually have two headlights with adjustable low and high beams, double LED taillights, and a brakelight because there are many races being done at night as well. The normal thumb throttle is used, as well as electric start-up, brake lever, a kill switch to put out the power, and safety switch which works as a safety kill switch. Each mini quad ATV comes with its own unique key for its ignition system and the mini ATV runs with a 12-volt motorcycle battery and has a long, flexible life which you can change up to once a year. 2008 editions of the mini quad bikes usually come with a tire pressure monitor which acts as a gauge at how much pressure the tires are being put through to ensure the motorbike is still at its best shape. Another feature of the mini quad ATV is the enclosed foot rest to safe-guard the riding experience.

Mini quad ATV’s are great off road bikes that mimic high-system engines and suspension mechanics that are great on the field. With its light-steel frame, it doesn’t limit the driver as he manoeuvers through the race course with this bike. There are a lot of dealers out there selling the mini quad ATV kids hummers and hunters and surely, this is the toy that almost-big boys should really have.

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